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Warning! 3 killer deceptions the sports nutrition & supplement industry doesn’t want you to know about!

Warning! 3 killer deceptions the sports nutrition & supplement industry doesn’t want you to know about! - Live Lean PRO Pty Ltd AUS

Number one - labels deceive, number two - the crooked manufacturers and number three - the retail stores selling profits over results.

I know that sounds odd to say because those are the 3 vital parts that make up the entire supplement industry, but stay with me tho because this is the most vital information you’ve never been told about what’s really preventing you from getting the progress you buy protein and other sports supplements in the first place.

Now, for the millions upon millions of us who are health and fitness focussed, we all know that having high quality protein in our diets is a must. We are all training or playing sport at either a recreational level, as part of the enthusiast gym rat culture, deadly serious elite athletes or simply just optimising our ageing or overweight bodies towards a better version of ourselves, health, fitness and sports activities are endless.

No matter your level of health and fitness we all need the one common denominator to boost our daily protein intake to reap those benefits. We need the best protein supplement, to simply do what protein promises to do, right? To nourish muscle, speed recovery, improve overall physical and athletic performance and furthermore elevate strength, power and muscular endurance, add muscle size and tone whilst improving fat loss and leaner body composition.

Things we are all training hard for.

Now, when you walk into a supplement store especially or go online to buy your protein powder, there are several large barriers that prevent you from buying or even getting close to buying the best protein powder, that you as a consumer are simply unaware of. The deception is almost impossible to detect or get around, even if you’re a high end athlete, coach or nutritional expert let alone just having basic knowledge about the product you want. 

The all powerful marketing glitz, glamour, muscles, hype and unintended misguidance of store staff get you excited about buying the latest protein on the market, that simply doesn’t work.

Instead you have been consuming powders that the great majority of the tub you purchase has been going down the toilet, along with all the great workouts you’ve had, have only been nourished by a very small % of the protein you’ve been taking. These protein powders you are able to buy every month are impeding your entire progress, holding you back from becoming the finest version of you possible. So, let’s get some rarely shared knowledge from behind the curtain.


1. Labels deceive

I could discuss layers upon layers of this topic but I’m going to use some learnt facts to outline this topic and keep it on point. 

First off labels actually tell you only basic nutritional information. They all are designed to look super tech, cool and make it appear that the powder inside is some super special ultra high quality muscle building formula, specially designed to pack on slabs of muscle made in special lab facilities, but with incredibly rare exception it’s simply not true for just about every single protein powder on the market, notice I said just about...If they all look that amazing then surely they all work right? Wrong. Apart from protein fats and carb content and ingredients that 99% of people don’t really know what they are anyway. They are barely processed, flavoured raw whey, labelled and on the shelf with little if any scientific process to improve the whey beyond its raw state which makes only 16% available to your body of each serve you'r having.

The truth is the most expensive part of the vast majority of protein powders out there is the tub and the label. The vast majority of whey protein powders are composed of only approximately 20% whey and 80% of milk powder and fillers along with high percentages of flavours. How do we know this? Our raw whey supplier who’s literally the one of the largest global producers of raw whey for the last two decades has been updating us on this trend over the years of the current global purchasing demand of whey from the biggest protein powder manufacturers in the world currently. Sadly, the majority is low quality milk powder with high levels of lactose (that’s why you get bloated by the way) and only a small amount of whey.

There are some brands who are exceptions of course, of great companies doing a great job of providing higher quality whey protein powders but they are so few and far between and there’s a level of ingredient design they don’t even know exists that makes it amazing.

Anyway, how would you know what ones are actually the best if all the brands labels are saying the same things? Exactly, a label will never tell you exactly what’s in a tub and it doesn’t have to. As long as the nutritional basics are there on the label they can sell it to you. Behind the label, inside the tub is then all sorts of fillers, milk powder, large volumes of flavours that 99% of the industry just doesn’t know about.

Let’s use plain old common sense on top, do the basic blanket facts. Even the athletes, the store owners and their own marketing reps for these protein powders don’t know what’s actually in them. The only people who do know exactly are the food techs that design it but it’s the production manager who actually knows what’s in the recipe to the last milligram. That person and an operations manager plus a formulater are a tiny group that hold that knowledge and they will never share to the marketing team that it’s 80% milk powder, whey protein concentrate, fillers and flavours with only 20% whey. They build the label based on total protein from whey and milk powder combined and that total 25g say goes on the panel per serve while on the front of the label sits 100% WHEY they claim because of word play and the food regulations allowing that to occur. There is no law that stipulates that your blend has to be 100% inside the tub to market it that way, cause the % whey you have inside maybe 20% but that 20% is 100% whey, plus they add whey blend to the label to assist in getting away with that actual false statement. 

We know cause we build labels too and ask how these companies are allowed to do this.

In the end it means that this first killer deception confuses you that all protein powders are the same technical creations that do the job you want and they promise.  But if the store staff don’t make it then how do they know what’s in it? If the marketing rep doesn’t make it then how do they know? If the people who make it don’t tell anyone outside that production group (oh and the CEO who signs it all off by the way) then how will anyone else know what’s really in it? They won’t, so you won’t either and you buy something completely blinded by the label which prevents you from being able to buy the best, most effective product you can, filling your body with rubbish, grinding your gains to an almost stand still and plain ripping you off.


2. Crooked Manufactures

With very rare exceptions the vast majority of supplement manufacturers in the marketplace are deceptively producing the cheapest, lowest grade protein powders in disguise as powerful, pure and effective products that are safe. These guys are about making the most money, not delivering products that work, which means the cheapest ingredients, the shortest process to market with the flash label and marketing spin. 

Also, keep this in mind, even after reading this you will still not know how to choose a better product when you walk into the store or buy it online. This is because behind all those labels, as I explained above, is a ‘protein blend”. 

The biggest brands also do this. Some have so much garbage and very little muscle building benefits, there is zero point in consuming it at all. The manufacturer produces a product that is designed to be as cheap as possible to manufacture, so costs of the research and development and designing of the material to produce results is non-existent because they have been and currently do get away with just flavouring raw whey mixing it with fillers and milk powder etc. put in straight in the tubs to have it on shelves in just a couple of days. 

These are most of the biggest brands in the world today. Why spend time, energy and money on designing a protein specifically for the human body to optimise muscle growth, fat loss, strength power and endurance and recovery when you can make hundreds of millions of dollars just sending out a basic powder that doesn’t work. The manufacturers have learnt that we happily buy proteins that do almost nothing so why should they change? Money for nothing perfectly describes protein powders. 

The other key factor that allows this to go on, is that to date no one has physically seen significant results from a protein powder at all. Just think about it, have you noticed any physical progress that you can say has come from your protein powder? Mmmm that’s right, you take it for the theoretical benefit. The benefits are purely Academic and placebo because of what we’ve been told about the benefits of protein.  We assume that all protein powders deliver this basic benefit of muscle recovery tissue repair and of course growth. But it’s wrong.

Therefore, because we have a universal knowledge of the value of added protein in our diets, we consume these protein powder academically adding those grams to our daily total protein needs for our goals.  We feel better doing it and because we don’t see a physical affect and we don’t feel a physical effect - we only think we are getting a physical affect. That’s why the manufacturers don’t have to produce a product that actually works, cause we've been buying powders that don’t work for the last 20 plus years every month!

The level of deception at the manufacturing level is scary, it’s dangerous and it's totally dishonest. Many of the big protein brands have been caught out over the years with their products being tested and found out to be not even 50% actual protein content. I’m not going to name names but we have seen basic protein content testing. You would be absolutely shocked at who is on the list and what the readings were. Put it this way, not one brand was over 70% protein levels and some as low as 37% protein content, when the nutritional panel that it's over 90% protein or higher. That’s right people, we have been greatly deceived.

Now you would think that there is a governing body out there that will stop all this, you would be wrong. Like I said before, the labels make these products look like complete scientific breakthroughs and highly technical products but really they fall into food standards code under dietary supplements, not therapeutic goods where labels have to match ingredients perfectly. Protein is just a food that's labelled to look sports scientific, wonder why they have to put ‘not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration’ on the labels? Read the labels, this statement means the FDA is exaggerated from the contents of the product as they only have FDA guidelines for what you can say on the label, not what’s actually in it. So it's all on the manufacturer to make either a high grade product for results or make a low grade profit for profits. They don’t regulate these products' actual ingredients, especially protein powders.

Yes there are some rare exceptions of great companies doing the right thing. From our experience you cannot even count them on one hand, which makes it almost impossible to find the best protein powder on the market. 

So that rounds off a high-level perspective on why and how crooked manufacturers deceive you, putting low quality ingredients, fillers and heavy metals to take your money for nothing and don’t do the job they promise, is truly a crime of the utmost deception.


3. Retail Stores putting profits over results

The third massive deception of the supplement industry they don’t want you to know about is the retail stores selling you products that yield the highest margin over selling you a product of quality. 

This means that the retailers aren’t concerned about getting you the best results, even though that’s exactly how they talk to you in store, they are concerned about getting you sold the product with the highest margin in it for the store, whilst pretending that that product will give you the results you’re looking for. The reason they do this is because they want to make the most money which is an obvious motive but what about us customers who want the highest quality, safe most effective protein, which is what every customer that’s ever walked into a store. 

There are two levels to this. Number one is you are getting sold a product that yields the store the most money instead of being the highest quality, but at the same time that means the products they are selling you that have this high margin in them are by default, the cheapest lowest grade products to produce. That’s why they have the huge profits in them for the store. The cheaper the store can buy the product means the cheaper and the lower the quality of the ingredients, the process, the more fillers, flavours and the more milk powder is used to make it the cheapest to make so there is good margin for the manufacturer and it’s cheap for the store to buy. Cheaper - cheaper - cheaper, more margin - more margin - more margin is the constant pressure from the retailer, so the manufacturers and also the retailers together drive the cheaper product mentality. 

The only way for these guys to survive in the marketplace and win the retailers business is to provide them more and more margin by producing cheaper and cheaper products… Also, the more profits that these brands can pull out of their products means the biggest marketing budgets, the biggest athletes getting on board because they get paid well…

The domino effect goes all the way down the line to paint a picture of a huge global brand that every athlete and influencer endorses so that you feel comfortable buying it under the deception of it being the best product in the store to buy, the must buy feeling is hammered by the marketing machine.

Again, as an exception, there are some retail store chains and independent shops that train the staff very well. They educate them highly on some of the key insights from the manufacturers. Also, a lot of the stores now produce their own brands to raise the quality and bypass some of the shonky manufacturing companies out there, although there is an entirely higher level to go that these good manufacturing companies and good retailers just don’t know exists. So imagine how hard it is to really find the best protein even after knowing all of this, let alone not knowing it. 

To resume, the vast majority of retailers put profits over quality every opportunity they can. As a common practise, they divide and conquer protein and make it sound like an athlete needs this level of protein, a bodybuilder needs this level of protein, and average gym goer doesn’t need that level they need this level of protein supplement, all the way down to sports people recreational fitness enthusiasts only require a cheaper type of product, let alone your grandmother who is active and fit only requires a very basic protein for her needs. This is not the way. Not only do they not work, they are potentially very harmful to the body, and your grandmother could get ill from this misinformation.  

This is simply what the supplement industry has done to the very basic nutrient protein, made it complex, unsafe and ineffective. That way we don’t think we need a high-quality protein like an athlete because we are not an athlete, we don’t need a protein that effective we only need a protein that’s pretty good, not the best when the opposite is true and a necessity so they can sell all this crap to us every month and justify having 30 brands of protein that all look good but do nothing, they gotta make their money right? They can make the money, but they can do it by selling only the highest quality products available, they simply choose not to do that which makes it almost impossible to navigate and get a product that works.. 

No matter your level of athletic endeavour or sport from those of you who are diehard weekend warriors to elite pro athletes, highly dedicated gym goers or just need to get your body as nourished as possible while you age, lose weight or fight off illness to improve quality of life. 

This is the kicker that no one in the supplement industry will tell you...All active human bodies, no matter your level of sport or fitness, absolutely need the most pure, the highest quality, safest and the most effective protein powder possible to access a product of impeccable integrity to deliver the physical results you’re seeking. It’s your basic right as a human to receive 100% of the value of what you’ve paid for.  

Imagine, if the supplement industry was selling cars 99% of them would be returned because they would not work… I think you get the picture. 

So, that rounds out the last part of the killer deceptions the supplement industry doesn't want you to know about.

In the supplement industries ocean of endless deception with all these cowboy brands, retailers and manufacturers, there is not only hope, there is the new protein technology on the market that designs protein for the body in a way that no one previously conceived. It’s been designed and built to allow human athletic performance to reach the next level of physical progress. Find out more...

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